An Indie Author’s Audio Book Review #9 = California by Kimberly Derting

California by Edan Lepucki  Narrated by Emma Galvin californai

I have to say I almost stopped listening to this on MANY occasions.

Ugh, it was tough to finish.

I was really hoping it would just get better but it never did 🙁

This book is a terrible dystopian society wanna be without any real drama or issues that make any sense when you try to piece them together.

Also, I am not the best writer, but I know I can write better than this.

Sorry, but I would not recommend this to anyone. No one 🙁 but here is my synopsis.

The main two characters read as though they are teenagers, thought they are much older. They left the city area, which never really sounds like it was that bad to live off the land on their own, but they have no idea how to do it well.

Then they move to a compound sort of area that tries to have twists and turns, but it is all so weird and none of it truly makes sense. None of it!!

My recommendation is never read it.

Sorry for the bad review but I had to listen to this and it started out bad and never got better.

Thanks for reading and Dare to Dream.