An Indie Author’s Journey #25: Author Website

DIY Author Website


Author Website

Having a website dedicated to your books is needed so today I am going to talk about creating your author website and provide links for how to set one up and which type of website is best for you.

I will talk about the two options I chose and my final approach, but also give you other options as well.

In the beginning I chose to create a free author website by using the free website 

Here is also a link on how to set up your first free website!

I chose this route because I was not sure I was ready to spend money on a website before I knew how my writing was going to go. The only downfall is that your domain will look like this instead of and you have to use widgets instead of plugins. There are more plugins then widgets.But Widgets are easier to use and setup. On a side note, you can also pay a yearly fee to change your domain from the the first to the second at anytime also without paying for a hosting company.

The nice thing is that if you go this route then decide to pay for your own domain you can easily transfer your blog as shown here :

Here is a link that will compare the free vs paid website options in case you are still unsure of the route you want to go:

I the end I like the theme and plugin options available through the paid sites and I use Bluehost to host my website. It does cost me money, but my thought is that if I go big someday 🙂 I will want my own website. Cross my fingers!!

There are other websites out there you can use to create a free Author platform or website: They are Weebly, Wix, and Blogger.  Here is a link to compare them to wordpress:

That is all for today. Contact me if you have questions!!

Have a great day and Dare to Dream 🙂