An Indie Authors Journey through the Self Publishing Galaxy #1


Hello World!

I am a new Indie Author in the making. I started a little less than a year ago and I  have learned much, but still have way more to learn.

Part of me thought I should write a book about what I have learned, but I decided a blog is best.

This blog now and in the future will be short posts, with links to short (10-15 min) Podcasts and Videos to share my ups and downs throughout my self publishing journey.

I have a short attention span and like most of you I have stuff to do with my life other than read blogs and watch forever long videos, soo that is why I am making all my posts short.

Hopefully you learn something from my shared successes and mistakes and they will help you throughout your own self publishing journey!

For now I will tell you how I started: I have never been a great speller or the best at grammer, but I have always loved to write.  About five years ago (2011) I was doing a lot of reading of romance novels and was having a hard time finding a book that really peaked my interest.

That was when I decided to try writing my own novel. I wanted to read a story where a person was shown two future paths to help them decide which route to take at a fork in the road in their life. Sort of like a Christmas Carol with a romance story twist.

Keep in mind, I may not be the best writer, I know this, but I had a story I thought should be told, so I began to write.

This is where my journey really begins. When you decide to finally write that story and you put down those first words, you can call yourself a writer 🙂 (Thanks for those amazing insights Jeff Goins!)

The next posts are going to be about me and those first four years of struggles to write and feeling confident to even move forward.